Personal consultation for planning your trip

Planning is an important part of the trip, which ensures that your vacation experience would be enjoyable and relaxing. At the same time, many travelers consider planning itself an unpleasant task and would prefer to avoid it as much as possible. However, this could lead to continuous frustration before and during the trip and especially high costs that could have been avoided in a short and an enjoyable process. Planning with the assistance of experienced tour guides who know the vacation destination well will save you many hours of virtual wandering between an overwhelming number of websites and among thousands of recommendations, most of which not at all relevant to your trip.

Planning the trip with us is a relaxing yet exciting experience. Before the consultation, we will have a free-of-charge conversation to adjust expectations between all participants in the trip. During the consultation itself, we will go thorough a virtual tour starting with all the options that match the nature of your desired vacation, and at the end we will put together a personalized itinerary, taking most advantage of the vacation destination on the planned dates. The route will also include alternative scenarios, that are suitable for changes in the weather and the mood of the participants so that you will also enjoy the unplanned coincidence that often happen in real life.

A collaborative map that we put together during the trip planning process in your preferred language

The personal consultation service is at the flat rate of €50 per hour. This include the tailored adaptation of our recommendations to your needs, which result in an itinerary that truly reflects your expectations of the vacation. For the vacation itself, we will equip you with an interactive map, built together with you during the planning process, as well as a travel diary shared by everyone who joins your trip, detailing the schedule with flexibility for changes and detailed useful information for each day of your vacation.

A collaborative calendar that we put together during the vacation planning process in your preferred language

Some would prefer to book in advance only flights and then to book accommodations along the trip itself according to the mood and availability. This method is highly recommended for spontaneous travelers during the touristic low season. Along the consultation, we will give you many tips for the most successful methods for booking accommodation that is best suited to you personally and your planned route, while saving you significant costs.

For those interested in a full planning service, we will also be happy to assist you in choosing flights and accommodations to complete the trip planning and to allow you to leave behind any worries.


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