Eco-friendly Deli

Our everyday decisions, such as choosing vegan food, reusing packages and reducing waste, are some of the most effective actions for protecting our planet.

There are many reasons for choosing plant-based nutrition. It’s healthy for you, it is compassionate towards other animals and it possesses the best positive impact that one could have over the environment. This is why we make only vegan food in our sustainable deli.

To be more specific, we use mainly local and seasonal plant-based ingredients, so that it would travel the shortest distance from the field and arrive as fresh and tasty as possible up to your dish.

Having a sustainable deli means also that our take-away meals are served in reusable WECK glass jars with a refund-deposit system. These precious wide jars serve also as your dining dish, which after opening and without the rubber sealing could be warmed up in the microwave, in the oven (up to 110°C) or in a hot water bath (heated together with the water for your safety).

Apart from these environmental-friendly features, we make our best effort to minimize food waste by means of accurate quantities estimation, variable portion sizes and resealing of leftover dishes for our guests to take-away. To further reduce food waste, we seal the food under partial vacuum in WECK glass jars, which keeps the food fresh for a much longer time than in conventional packages. This way you can enjoy your meal also on another day, if you buy more than what you feel like eating at the moment.

You can read more about our ecological philosophy in an article about us from our early days in the black forest in Germany on the Badische Zeitung newspaper (in German).

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