Piedmontese cooking workshop – from the market to the plate

In this workshop we will get to know the traditional cuisine of the city of Turin and the Piedmont region through all of our senses

A visit to the market and buying fresh ingredients

We will start our tour with a tour of the Porta Palazzo central market of Turin (open Monday-Friday until 1:00 p.m. and Saturday until 5:00 p.m.). It is the largest market in Europe with hundreds of stalls and shops offering some of the best culinary ingredients in the world. We will learn about the local farmer traditions of the Piedmont region at the foot of the Alps, and we will carefully select together the local produce according to your dietary preferences and personal preference.

Aperitivo break

With the fresh purchases we will walk from the market to our modest home in the ancient Roman quarter (Quadrilatero Romano), where we will refresh ourselves with tasty delicacies and a glass of some local drink.

Cooking together

With renewed strength we will start the cooking workshop and we’ll turn the vegetables and fruits just brought from the market into a royal meal of 3-5 courses by our own hands. The menu is chosen together so that it is the most delicious and suitable for you. It could be a rich salad, stuffed pasta (Plin), gnocchi, risotto, stew, roasted vegetables or stuffed vegetables and a dessert of your choice.


To adapt the workshop as much as possible to the preferences of the participants, the payment is only for the duration of the activity. You will buy the best produce directly from the traders in the market and we will only advise and translate the conversation in Italian for you.

The base price for a private workshop of about 4 hours is €55 for the first participant with an addition of €20 for each further participant, that is: for 2 participants €75, for 3 participants €95 and for 4 participants €115. Extending the duration of the workshop is possible for a total cost addition of €20 per each extra hour.

Experiences from previous workshops

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