• Austrian Apple Strudel Vienna-style

    Austrian Apple Strudel Vienna-style

    The apple strudel, or Apfelstrudel in German, is probably the most tasty cake an apple could dream of becoming one day. This marvelous pastry is a story that came to life around the 17th century, when the Ottoman Börek fell in love with an Austrian apple. Since then the Strudel of Vienna has traveled the…

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  • Vegan Croissants

    Vegan Croissants

    The French croissant has become an international symbol of romance. The multilayered soft and fatty dough is a true delicacy when eaten hot straight out of the oven. Our vegan croissant is not pretending to be healthier than its French counterpart, yet we simplified the recipe so that anyone could easily make it with a…

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  • Belgian Waffle of Liège

    Belgian Waffle of Liège

    The crunchy waffle recipe that is cooked between 2 iron plates, dates back to as early as the 13th century. However, the leavened Belgian waffle, or simply Gaufre in French and Wafel in Dutch, is a Flemish pastry innovation with a first historical record from the year 1751, then referred to as Gaufre à la…

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  • Migliaccio – Naples’ Millet Cake

    Migliaccio – Naples’ Millet Cake

    Migliaccio is a traditional Neapolitan ricotta cake. As it’s name implies this cake was originally based on millet (Miglio in Italian) which was a widely cultivated grain across the Mediterranean basin, however these days most bakeries would offer a wheat based version. We hereby present our own plant-based and gluten free version of the Neapolitan…

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  • Panatalizio – Italian New Year’s Vegan Panettone Cake

    Panatalizio – Italian New Year’s Vegan Panettone Cake

    Panettone is the traditional Italian new year’s cake. It name implies that it is actually considered to be a large or special bread (“Pane” in Italian) rather than a modern days cake. In fact, traditional cake recipes originated from the addition of something tasty in the bread’s dough before baking it. The Italians from the…

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  • Castagnaccio Muffins

    Castagnaccio Muffins

    From Tuscany to Piedmont, this chestnut delight is enjoyed since centuries. The traditional recipe was always simple and vegan, and we only dared to add some chocolate chips in it to make it even tastier.

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