White Bean Spread

Recipe amount: 1.5 kg of spread
Preparation time:
1 night +3 h


1.5 l water
250 g broad white beans (soaked overnight)
2-3 onions, roughly chopped
30-60 ml apple vinegar or plain vinegar
100 ml olive oil
½ -2 tsp salt, depending on taste
½ tsp pepper


  1. Soak the beans overnight in water in a large pot (min. 8 l capacity).
  2. Bring the beans to boil and skim off the foam with a large spoon. Now reduce the heat to the minimum and cover the pot. Continue cooking for about 2 hours until the beans are softened.
  3. When the beans are soft, pour the remaining water into a separate dish.
  4. Add all the remaining ingredients into the strained beans pot and grind with a hand blender until reaching a smooth spread texture.
  5. If needed, add some of the bean cooking water from step 3 while grinding.
  6. Serve with bread.

Enjoy! 😊

Article by Pauline Eberts
© All rights reserved DeliKaktus – Blanc & Baum GbR


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